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Closeup Character – Pic Quiz Answers – Android

“Close Up Character – Pic Quiz” free pop quiz game contains questions which display pictures which are zoomed. You guess the names of hidden characters from popular cartoons, movies, games and more and score points on your way. The game is played by more than 5 million users in the world and one of the most addictive brainteasers.

You will start with some free coins to play and you can earn coins and hints as you move ahead with correct answers and by using lottery machine. Some of the characters bring back your childhood memories.

When you run out of your coins and needing a small help to jump out of a level, come to us and we are here to help. Do not get stuck with hard levels again! The game asks you to pay to complete a level and if you do not want to spend bucks, here we are with ANSWERS TO ALL LEVELS OF THE GAME. If you are unable to find an answer, knock on our door and we try our best to come with a solution. If you are going to get hints in the game, it would be costly e.g. requires 80 coins to reduce zoom of the picture.

The game gets the question from lots of pic categories to test your knowledge. These could range from Cartoon characters to famous actors and actresses. There could be animated characters or superheroes displayed in the zoomed picture of the question.

Tease your brain and parallely learn something new along with having fun.

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