Closeup Movies Answers – Freemode Animated-3

Below are the answers for Animated Level 3 of the closeup movies game. All the images are related to the animation movies only.

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  • Sherk :  Oh ! These eyes, nose and teeth are of a man- eating giant called ogre. But it saves a princess, joining with a donkey .The princess again regains his swamp. Both adults and children enjoyed the film, since it has the elements needed by the two.
  • Khumba:  Have you ever seen a half –striped zebra? You can seen in this film. Once there is a drought in the area in which this zebra lives. the herd to which belongs, criticizes zebra saying it is responsible for the drought but good zebra saves them all and will be happy in the herd.
  • Rango: This is the image of a chameleon and the movie name is its name only. This pet chameleon is brave enough to save  it  self  and others, it can also find water in the  desert. Gare verbinski is the director of this beautiful film.
  • Boxtrolls : This is thee name of a community of creatures that lives in a cavern. These creatures are mischievous and quicky  like kids. when these are in danger, these are saved by Eggs along with  winnifred.
  • Antz: This is the movie dedicated to ants .the Theatrical release poster is simple with spelling ANTZ and an ant holding every letter. Interesting ! Do you know the name of an ant in this movie . It is Z. This is only the short form, which is Z-4195.
  • Flushed away: This film is about the life of a rat .Who lives happily and comfortably in a flat . Jealous of  another  rat and want to send it away. But the opposition is stronger enough to send this rat. and the story. Here flushed away  refers to the flushing away of the rat in the toilet.
  • Rio: A video game is released based on the film. It is a film on birds .The birds appear in blue colour.
  • GRomeo Juliet:  Story of love between garden games.The film is mostly romantic.In animated movies also romance exists. Famous William shakespear’s, Romeo and Juliet play is the basis for the film.Gnomes are of  red and blue color.
  • Delgo: In US, 2,160 screens are used for distribution.Three largest animation festivals in the world, SICAF of korea,Annecyof  France and Anima Mundi of Brazil accepted the movie.The aim of  the hero is good,tounite two races.
  • Osmosis Jones: Budget for the film is $70 million,but at the  boxoffice it made only $14million.


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