Closeup Movies Answers – Level 9

Below are the answers for Level 9 of the closeup movies game. 

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  • Open season: Story between bear and mule deer. The bear has a great heart of saving someone in trouble. All animals are united to fight against the human hunters. Its weight is also noticeable here  which is 408kg.
  • Hobbit :  A site also exists on this name beside the movie. This is a film series and consists of three adventure films. The movies DVD is highlighted only with the name and not any single character.
  • Hairspray:  No hair is shown in the image for “hair Spray” image . A movie on racial discrimination. Initially, the character Tracy is obese and slowly becomes a television superstar.
  • Under Dog:  Partial face of the dog is shown in the image .If we see the full poster of  this image ,we can notice that the dog is flying! After some incident, the dog attains the all powers like a super hero. A 12 year old boy makes  use of  its powers for good.
  • Eragon: This name is the name of a farm boy in the movie . May be the name comes from the involvement of dragon also in the movie. The director took the rhyming of the two words.
  • Train wreck: The movie includes romance and comedy. This is not actual wrecking of a train. A funny name.
  • Enchanted:  Beautiful, long gowns are used for the heroin, who is princess.
  • Bruno: The back part of Bruno is shown in the image .There is a high level of comedy in the film. Some scenes are also deleted. This is a story of a gay.
  • Valiant:  Valiant is the  name of a pigeon in the movie . The total looks are different for the bird pigeon and this animated character. The film acquired a lot of negative reviews.
  • Madagascar:  Another animated film. The image shows partial faces of four animals from central park zoo. while on the way to Africa, their ship wreeked. story continues…

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