Closeup Movies Answers – Level 8

Below are the answers for Level 8 of the closeup movies game. 

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  • Mega Mind: This mega mind is initially villain in the movie. Then turns to hero to save the world. 
  • Bee: Studies for bees in the film is placed and attached a graduation beside the name of the bee. Interesting ! Every creature wants to save its species, so does the bee.
  • Fly Boys : The boys are five in the movie, but only one is shown in the image. These are the first for America for joining as fighting pilots.
  • Robin Hood : The style of old Robin Hood is different from the one in this movie.  Many movies on this name.
  • Barn Yard: This film is distributed by paramount pictures. The film is oncow , so children mostly like this film. This cow is enjoying its life toits full length, not caring his father‘s words.
  • Cars: The full movie is filled with cars of all colours and different sizes. Names are also indicated for the cars and animated with eyes and mouth for the cars.
  • Super Bad: This movie tells that enjoying to full length of ones life leads to troubles. The story moves around two high school boys and their college life. Chubby boy partial image is seen here.
  • Date night: A Bored routine life of partners in a family expects some freshness for the dating night but experienced a lot.
  • Hugo: This Image if you see carefully is a clock. A young orphan has a automaton but not a key .movie goes on by finding a key.
  • Anchorman: The film has initially a great response which slowly declined.

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