Closeup Movies Answers – Level 7

Below are the answers for Level 7 of the closeup movies game.

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  • Harry Potter: A number of films and books on this name. The boy looks good. The films are based on the books. A logo on this name is also developed. There are eight fantasy films.
  • Free Birds: Movie on birds as the name implies. There are two turkeys. Children who love animals and their deeds love to see the film.
  • Peter Pan: There are two films on this film. This image is about old animated film. There is a line on the released poster. “It will live in your heart forever”. In 1953 cannes film festival, the movie is shown.
  • Delhi Safari: The movie has full of animated animals. All the animals are attending Delhi Parliament to save their home which is the forest. Now some animals are becoming extinct due to defore station. The idea the director wants to take to the people is good.
  • Avatar: The director of Titanic made this movie also .fans of Titanic watched this film too. Direction, script, production, co-editing all done by one man James Cameron . A book read by him in his childhood is the basis for the film.
  • Rush: The story is between a rash play boy and another disciplined boy  who are both car racers. A rivary exists between the two, which shaped their careers and make them stand first.
  • Sky High: This sky High is a school that shapes super hero’s children. A boy, will joins there and came to know his real power and importance of loyalty and friendship.
  • Mask: Here the mask is in green colour. Since the man wearing it is interested in making his skin green, not seen before .
  • Paprika: colourful image of a character is shown.
  • Fasy A : A girl is highlighted in the images and film. The girl boasts about losing her virginity to one .But it made the all. A teenage story including  comedy.

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