Closeup Movies Answers – Level 5

Below are the answers for Level 5 of the closeup movies game. 

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  • Brave: The Girl is beautiful with curly and noodles-like hair. The eyes are attractive with bluish colour. The girls is a princess, so such beauty. The movie earned the highest in that year for the animated films.
  • Turbo: This is a movie about snail. we all know that a snail crawls very very slowly. Here , the snail, Turbo crawls speedily. The snail participates in the world’s fastest race.
  • Machete: This is an action film .The hero is of old age, but the partner is younger .They tries to save a kidnapped girl.
  • Tangled: Animated film picturising teenage love between ayoung and innocent girl and a thief who is kind- hearted.He relieves him from the strict mother and make her enjoy.The girl has avery longand magical hair.
  • Star trek: The belief worked here .This is an even numbered film . There are many films with number sequences for this one.
  • Tooth fairy: The Movie seems to be silly.This is a comedy and family film .The critics for the film are negative, but the movie is good, commercially .The movie name is the nick name of the hero who is a hockey player .He is strong enough that he can hit hard, so that their teeth fall.
  • Pandorum : People think that this movie is similar to one previously released .The  story is that of two astronauts during their travel in space craft.
  • Cora line :The main character is of a girl. The speciality of the girl is, she has two buttons in the place of black balls in the eyes. She enjoys adventures. The story of the film is intresting . Even though animated film, the film is dark and international.
  • Repo men: The director of the film is very new. The Hero has health problem and buys an organ on credit basis. so, he has to make the payments regularly or else risk his life.
  • Space chimps: space story.

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