Closeup Movies Answers – Level 4

Below are the answers for Level 4 of the closeup movies game. There are ten image questions here.

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  • Avengers:Good film filled with action. The film bagged a good number of awards and nominations. The visual effects are best, hence the nomination. Everybody in the film have done their best. There are a number of records, commercial records. It earned more than $1 billion. A video game is planned and cancelled.
  • Warm bodies:Hero’s eyes are bluish and attractive. The film is romantic, includes comedy and horror. A novel is the basis for the film. The romance is between Palmer and hoult and the line is how it emerges. Eating human brains makes the hero feel alive with the memories in their brains. This adds horror to the movie.
  • Igor:This is an animated film. The image is too comedy, the film is also comedy. The film was nominated for “Annie” award.
  • Green Lantern: As the name, the posters all appear in green colour. This is the story of a pilot and he is very harsh. He obtains the super human powers from Green lantern. It attained negative critics.
  • Chicken Run: Very Hilarious Movie name .The movie is about the excape of a chicken and rooster. Generally, they are only fed in the form for consumption. So they came to know that and want to run away. Oh! great joy on watching the film.
  • Hercules: The Movie name and the hero character name are same. The movie is similar to other sequence movies. The hero is dressed like a warrior. He helps a king in trouble.
  • Brother bear: Another animated film on bear.A boy’s brother is killed by a bear. The boy takes revenge by killing the bear but the bear has a little one. And that is taken care of by the boy.
  • Lincoln: Black and white are released for this movie. This movie reveals history a good film.
  • Gamer: A Player while playing an ace game creates rable. this avatar is a human being caught. He wants to be released, so he fought against many battles.
  • Hunt: A man was mistaken. He is accused of sexually abusing a child in his kindergarten class. The movie moves around a family and their good relationships.

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