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  • Iron man:Really man made of iron exists?No.The hero in the film makes an iron sheild for himselves.Hence the name.

  • Bambi:Here Bambi is the name of a fawn(fawn is the little one of deer).His father is the king of forest.So,naturally the little one Bambi also wants to be like that.King means,he should have love towards the others,should be like friend to everyone,caring everyone and so on.So Bambi also want to know these.The director made itas an animated film with animals.He also characterized a future spouse for Bambi.

  • Bad Teacher:From the name,we can know that the movie is about a teacher.But unfortunately,this female teacher is bad.

  • Twilight:This is the first film for the next four sequence films.Starting this movie in the year 2008,the series of the other four films are in 2009,2010,2011,2012.These  all films came up from the novels of an American author,Stephenie Meyer.
  • Hop:The main character Fred,is very playful and enjoying his life greatfully.The life is very funny to him.One day,it harms a rabbit called Easter Bunny.So,Fred only has to take care of this Bunny and unknowingly,they both are grown.Kids show interest for this film.
  • Epic:The story is about four orphans.The comedy didn’t take the first place and didn’t find a place in audience heart.

  • Thor:Hero is a defender.He is worth tohis adoptive father.This film’s collection is good and stood in 15th place in grossing the film.Music fits the film.

  • Steamboy:This is an animated film which is different and make several adventures.The hero boy is a brilliant young inventor.He is a father and grandfather follower.His grandfather gives him a suspence mechanical ball.As it has a great revoultionary power,everybody wants to posses it.But some uses it for good and some for bad.This film is taken with high expenses.

  • Grownups:Here these grownups are five childhood friends.They ere basketball players and won their high school basketball championship.After three decades,they met to mourn their coach’s death.They then celebrated with their spouses and children.Eventhough the humour is not good,it done well at the boxoffice.

  • Artist:This is a black and white movie and a calm going movie.At that time,the film is best even it is silent and won awards and accolades.The film is about two who are both related to the film industry.

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