Closeup Movies Answers – Level 1

 Just now you have entered into the first level of closeup movies game . The first level starts with the very famous and boy’s favourite movie …….Spiderman.Most of the people  can recognize if the hero is seen  in the spiderman dress which is of red and blue colors with the insect spider.The question is "how  many can recognize  the hero behind the mask?”Now the game continues……..

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  • Spiderman – The movies are in several languages English,Chinese,Russian….etc.Hindi,Telugu……..which are indian languages.He is power enough to destroy every object.He stopped 27 metric tons aerobridge with his two hands from falling.He can lift upto 27,000 kilograms.He also maintained a spider family:spider woman,silk, so on. Now seeing this are you interested in playing not this stage but all stages,which have several many other more interesting  photos than you read upto now.Oh! yes definitely.
  • ET: Oh! It is not necessary for you and me also.But I make you know.abbr:Extra-Terrestrial.If you observe closely the  image,you can see some circular-like and moon-like with a tree shadow.A boy is taking the covered Alien may be on his bicycle.The story line of the movie is a daring boy helps an Alien to flee from the dangerous Earth(for that) and get contact with it’s place.OK.Are you interested?Then watch the film if not yet.
  • Finding Nemo:The movie is very colorful and attractive too.The characters  are such that children showed more interest.This movie includes comedy,adventure too.As this is an animated film,humans are involved only with their voices,but not in onscreen.Coming to the main theme of the movie,two fishes  searches for their abducted son,Nemo(also a fish).Video games are also introduced under this film.
  • Bolt: This Bolt is different from the Marathon runner Bolt. This is an animated film.A small white dog is the hero of the film with the name Bolt.It is wearing a neck tie with a locket named "BOLT".The director selected its name as the movie name.It is a pet of  seven-year-old girl “Penny”.Both of them started to act before the television screen.The director of the show placed superpowers to these.But this Bolt thought it is all real!The girl is kidnapped on the screen.Not knowing this,Bolt thought it is all real and tries to rescue her.Is it interesting?
  • Lorax:This is also an animated 3-D film.This image is the very close up view of  the poster of theatre release.Voice of Lorax in the film is given by Danny De Vito.It is a completely computer-animated film.The film is recommended by Dr.Seuss’ wife whose book  “Illumination Entertainment” is taken as the basis for the film.
  • Maleficent: Angelina Jolie is the Maleficent character.She is a good fairy with a  kind-heart.Her goodness is deceived by her lover,who is Stefan.Even she is a good fairy,she places a curse on Stefan’s daughter who is Aurora.The Maleficent’s costume is long,black gown with a stick in the hand and two curves on the head.Maleficent is a Latin word.It means capable of or it can cause bad,harmness.
  • Ice Age:This is a comedy film.There are several movies on ice age.This image is one among them.collision course,continental driff, dawn-Dinosaurs ,the Meltdown are some of the movies of  ice age.This image is ice-age-SCRAT movie related.Going deep into the image,a squirrel  named Scrat holds an acorn.Its one and only aim in life is to put that acorn in the Earth.On this journey,it faces several calamitous events.
  • Dorian Gray  Hey,the man is handsome and attractive but only lines disturbed the face.The image reveals that the movie is a horror one.The picture name is the character shown in the image.He is an Englishman.An artist paints a portrait of Gray to save him young and handsome.He is ready to give anything to be like in the portrait for ever.He loves a young lady and gives his soul.She is then pregnant and dies.His portrait is damaged like the one here.After he learns that the portraits are not permanent and important.
  • About Time:This image is related to a comedy film “About Time”.The hero and his family all like to travel in time.The hero satisfies his romantic interest with Mary.When he crossed his 21 years,his father makes him know about the travel.Only problem is they can go back only.Ok I end.
  • Waterboy:Who is this boy with a pail of water in left hand and a helmet with design in the other.That  too he stood in a stadium.OK .Don’t worry we will make you find .The movie is a blockbuster hit with around $160 exclusively in NorthAmerica.It is the second film for the hero Adam Sandler.The theme may be childish ,But it bagged several awards.Sandler is selected for the ‘worst actor’ with best out of worst.

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