Closeup Movies Answers – Freemode Scifi-2

Below are the answers for Scifi Level 2 of the closeup movies game. 

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  • John  carter:The story told in 6 modules in the magazine.The film is released before the  announced Original date .A special show is arranged for the film for all the members of  the team and some families.
  • Oblivion : As usual,cruisr has excellent performance in the film.The visual effects and its style is praisable. It was given the name “”thinly scripted”for its story by a surveyor rotten Tomatoes. But the  film successed in gaining audience.The  heros work is as a repair man.He has some memory lost and is in the eye of a black hair woman.
  • Riddick: The film is screened in two ways conventional and Imax Digital.The film is released on aDVD and also Blu-ray. Through these sales(DVD andBlu-ray) it has some extra  at the box office.Later a fourth sequel is announced on the  film.
  • Gravity : A lady engineer first faces a space mission contrastly,an astronaut does his final feat.They faces some debris. So mission is aborted. Finally she enters the atmosphere of the earth.
  • Europa Report : Six best astronauts of the world are selected.This  crew is assigned the work of confirming  life on Jupiters ,moon, Europa .Unfortunately it loses contact with the Earth. They Continued and face  amystery.Six months of time runs  smoothly.After their ship is damaged by astorm.
  • Dark skies: Acouple has  a happy and  calm life and they have twosons.An alien enters their life teribly.but they are brave enough to fight against them and shield themselves safe.This is a horror and imaginated film.
  • AfterEarth: The speciality of the  film i sreal life father and sonareseen.They are  also seenin theirprevious one which is  the pursuit of happyness.A new world nova prime is created other then Earth where a human race leavingearth selfies,problems come with  aliens after moving thousend years.The filmis distributed by columbia pictures.
  • Prome theus: The image is too dark.A space craftis seperated froma planet.An alien and its drunken liquid mix in a water fall. Budget is around $ 120 million.
  • Congress: The Promotional poster forthe film in French is with animation .an old and out dated actress has no offers for her high payment.her son has problem for his eyes and ears.She willnot act again by  taking a large sum of money. Films are made by digitally scanning her body and starring her.
  • Cloud Atlas: There are six areas  in the film.This image is the thearitical release poster itself.In India  the film is released on October 26th 2012.The film did not do well at the box office. The Movie bagged an award for make up.Many individual lives are shown here.

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