Closeup Movies Answers – Freemode Scifi-1

Below are the answers for Scifi-Level 1 of the closeup movies game.

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  • Martian : A cew went to the red planet, Mars.Their vehicle used for ascent is thretened by a dust storm.They leaves the planet. Some  debris is covered on an astronaut and missed, others  thought, he is dead and thinking of  increase in intensity of dust storm, the crew left. After the storm slowed, he slowly reached his habitat. How he survived? He became a survived astronaut and  returned to earth.
  • Pacific rim: US people don’t  accept  must this film,but hit in other territories. It made a record in china being the first of largest market and most commercial hit film of a city .Oscar winners worked for visual effects.
  • Godzila : A U.S navy officer experience. A new creature escapes and destroys their home.A father and a boy are troubled  by the creature. Father dies in the incident and reported as an earth quake. Finally Gadzilla awakens and goes into sea.
  • Lobster: Silly story for the film.A man David is in search of a partner, since his wife left 45days, he has to go through otherwise he will bean animal of his liking.This is the rule of the hotel, he was gone.David love sea and  sea animal, lobster which is the name of the film.
  • Pixels:The action scnes inthe movie entertained the people.A song from this movie ,called  queen song is a made into another film.The movie was released in us, canada,China and it is the first movie for sony.
  • Divergent: This image is same as the theatrical release poste for the film.This film is based on anovel with the same name.Chicago is the place,where story runs. All people are divided in to different sections.Every body except a lady is categorized.human virtues is the basis for division.
  • Ex Machina :Latest technology story for the film is  selected. Strongely,a femalerobot exists.A software programmer works on artificial intelligence by contacting a female robot.This female robothas aface  like a human but with robotic body.She shows romantic intrest with him and want to extend its world.
  • Blade Runner:  A man has a job of  hunter.He has to kill four people.Following the order of  his boss,he falls in love with a girl.Many contraversies are faced by the film are developed.
  • Theylive: Apart from being a science fiction movie ,the film shows some terrifull faces also.Here they in the name refers to the aliense and they live on earth.this allis  seen with sun glasses.The  expectations are high on release and soon declined.
  • Gattaca: A strong man fighting over genetic discrimination and becoming a space traveller is shown.It is merely a flop at the  box office.

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