Closeup Movies Answers – Freemode Horror-2

Below are the answers for Horror Level 2 of the closeup movies game. 

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  • Hell raiser : Raising of dead ,is shown in the movie.The budget of the film is very low which is only $1 million .A puzzle box is bought. Solving the puzzle,chains are tearing the body of the man playing the puzzle.
  • Shining : A mans wife and son are attackes by psycho the man is set to go to reveal the  secrets of  the hotel. Stephen kings novel “The Shining” is the basis for the  film. Running time for the European and american version is different in 25 minutes time gap.
  • Scream: Acaller calls a high–school student to know her favourite scary movie.The caller is sadistic if the student do not answer correctly, her boy friend is murdered . she is also murdered.
  • Carrie : A Woman  has a baby girl. She grows and  studies graduation. One day, she is  matured.mates who are bad, shoots it and up loads in youtube.Her teacher sents her home .She is house arrested by her mother.
  • Zombie land : This a very commercial film. The director of the film is Ruben fleischer.
  • Orphan: The passport size photo ofa girl. Looking innocent very cool and calm.A couple adopts this girl. The girlhas a vast knowledge of sex.This is observed by her mother .She kills a sister in the school.
  • Resident Evils:  Oh! There are six science fiction action-horror films in this series of resident evil.All the films are based on capcom videogames with the same tag.
  • Pitch black: A criminal is sentenced to jail. He is taken in a space craft. He is very dangerous.This vehicle is mets with anaccident leading to escape of the criminal.Story is how he escapes from the planet also by joining the survivors.
  • Sleepy hollow: This film name is the name of a village .A police is taken from new yark to this village to detect several murders by a headless horse man.
  • Stoker: Seeming no horror .May be less horror and  more psychological thriller is the movie.The producer of  the film died after the completion of the movie.A girl loses her father on her 18th birth anniversary. The girl’s uncle (maternal) is with them to help and console them.


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