Closeup Movies Answers – Freemode Horror-1

Below are the answers for Horror Level 2 of the closeup movies game. 

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  • Omen:Cute boy’s image is shown terrrifying. A boy of  a couple dies immediately after shore  time of  birth. Husband  adopts another  boy, whose mother is dead as theirs.This all is not known to his wife some unwanted circumstances take.The adopted boy does not  want to enter a church animals are scared to him.
  • Insidious :A series of horror  films on this name are released faster and this image  is a part of  the  artical release poster and this  image  belongs to the film released during the year 2010 .A family shifts in to a new house. A member of  the family, hers noises and observes some shadows. He is worried and falls in to coma, Even after  treatment , he  is not well. story continues.
  • Evil Dead:  The image itself is making scared. In the film , some friends are on their  joy, casually reads some text aloud. This makes evil alive with whoms these have to high. The film is released in India in 1984.
  • Annabelle: This is the name of a doll Two young women and a young man  are narrating  their experiences with this doll, Annabelle. The doll itself has a harror look .A couple is  expecting their first child .The husband gives a doll to wife . wife calls police  in a  murder  case. But she is attached by another woman who is released by husband and police. But the wife kills herself.
  • Krampus: The story is around  Christmas  days. The Christmas  mood is not there for a family, because  of  their individual tensions. there is a power cut in the  town.  A monster hits a  member of  the family. The firm is released a few days after the announced date.
  • Psycho: This image is related to1960 psycho film. The producer and the director of the film are same. A relation between a motels owner and a secretary who ends her life is shown.
  • It follows: The film is super natural and horror one. A teenage girl attains super naturals powers after a sexual intercourse. The budget for the film is low which is $ 2 million .It is a 100minutes running time movie.
  • Mama: Parents of two girls are killed. The two girls then live in a small forest. After some years of their return to their house , a feminine figure shadow also joins them to the house. This shadow’s name is mama and also the name of movie.
  • Excision : Even though mostly horror film, comedy is also included in the film A student of  high school aspires to be a medico. Her mother is strict and has a younger girl too. The main character , is found of  blood ,the film seems red mostly.
  • House bound: This is the first film seems for the director Gerard john stone.This is a New Zealand horror comedy film of the year 2014.Editing and writing part is also done by the director. A woman thief is sentenced to 8 months jail in her house only. Another member (new) slowly becomes the member of her house.

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