Closeup Movies Answers – Freemode Animated-2

Below are the answers for Animated Level 2 of the closeup movies game.

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  • Zootopia: This is the name of a place .The image is showing partial Bunny and partial fox.In the film , Bunny is the cop , who enforces the law.Even though it is a tough duty , it overcomes all difficulties and does well.
  • Dumbo : The image is that of  an elephant and the name of the film is also the same name of  an elephant.This elephant and a mouse are friends in the movie. Elephant has big ears and the mouse encorages him for flying Using these big ears.
  • Lilo stitch: Genetic experiment leads to a new  charecer that creates a lot of disturbance. The creator him self faces problems with him. But finally they are one.
  • Aristo cats: A lady has three kittens and a butter  with him. She prepared a will that all her properties are for the little cats and only after their death, Butler can take them. Greedily, Butter kidnaps all the kittens and how they escape, who helps them to escape is the movie.
  • Melody Time:  The movie is an old Movie. poetry,  fantasy, rhythms, slapstick…are included in the music. Frances Longford  sang the title song on lovers. There are different segments like Bumble Boogie, once up on a winter time, The legend of Johnny Appleseed, trees, little toot, Blame It on the samba and pecos bill.
  • Dinosaur: The image is of a Dinosaur if we can identify. There are orphan dinosaurs also which is shown in the movie. Theatrical release poster of the film is interesting showing an eye of an a dinosaur and some dinosaur image in that.
  • Scooby doo: This is the image and name of a dog. As it is a horror movie, children are scared. Here problems are for humans and solutions by the dog. Mystery of a case is the main the  me and the dog helps them.
  • Kim possible:  The movie originated from the country United States and the original language for the movie is English. The film is directed by Steve Loter.
  • Astro boy:  A Small boy doing many adventures in the film. Even though this is an animated movie, the director had a good take of action scenes. The Voice of Astro boy is provided by Freddie high more. It is a big hit in China and a flop in Japan. A video game is also released based on the movie.
  • TMNT: This is the abbreviated form for the title of the film. Full title is teenage Mutant Ninja Turties. There are a series of films on this name.


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