Closeup Movies Answers – Freemode Animated-1

Below are the answers for Animated-Level 1 of the closeup movies game. 

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This level has all animated movie images .

  • Toy story: Struggling of a toy to retain its place with “Andy”  character. This toy  “woody”  don’t want to loose its importance. In 90’s the movie is best.
  • Lion King : super Duper hit movie .A lot of  fun on lion is showed. Samba is the name of the lion. Simbas father is the king of the forest.Now it was simbas turn, but struggling over the worries , it will become the king.
  • Cars : The image for cars movie has come across in this game once.
  • Jungle book: Neel Sethi  who nick named Mowgli is looked after by a herd of wolves. There  a lion fears the mall, so they have to leave the place. A panther , bear, python, ape…etc are his friends. He makes adventures that also add fun.
  • Cindrella: Beautiful, beautiful Cindrella. Many Of us know the story, the same was made the movie. Even though  Cindrella faces troubles with her step mother and  step sisters, finally she will be happy after marrying.
  • Fantasia:  Very old movie on micky mouse. This Is Produced by walt Disney and released by the same productions. Budget for the film is $2.28 million.
  • Monster House: Five Teenagers story. Their adventure to save the children in their neighbours monster house is shown. This  includes horror, comedy. The gross is over$140 million throught  the world for this film.
  • Iron Giant : The image is like a robot made of iron. But it is an alien who is innocent. A  small boy and this  Giant alien are friends. There is a lot of humor in the film and it is a family entertainer.
  • Good Dinosaur: Dinosaur is a human friend in the movie.

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