Closeup Movies Answers – Freemode Action Thriller-1

Below are the answers for Action Thriller Level 1 of the closeup movies game.Action Thriller images are seen here.

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  • Brave Heart : Out of the ten nominees,it won five. Music for the film is given by james Horner. Story of a husband who loves his wife very much.He turned rebel towards a man who killed his wife.
  • CasinoRoyale: The image is showing only the  shirt and coat part of a man , and under the nose part. It’s a JamesBond Movie.Action is Involved.
  • Machinist: This Machinist is an insomnia patient , means he has lack of sleep.Sohe is different from others and experience difficulties in life.
  • Fight Club: Fight between the two shown in the image.The Artists have their full length performances. One of the two is a soap Salesman, so partial saop cake is also visible in the image.
  • Cape fear: This film made good at the box office with $ 182.3 million against $35 million budget.Its an action thriller depicting psychological feeling also.
  • DieHard: Video games with the same name released  films,novels,comics,games…. are also involved.
  • Dredd: It is a 95 minutes running time movie.The film is directed by PeteTravis and music by Paul leonard-Morgan.
  • JohnWick:A person is paid for killing some one.Un fortunately,the same person losts his wife. after his he again is forced to kill these,who killed his wife and a pet puppy gifted to him byhis dead wife.good at box office.
  • First Blood: A big hit at box office. It ranked as the 13th highest grossing film of the year.This movie is based David Marrell’s,novel with the same name in the year 1972.
  • ConAir: The Movie shows How strick the laws are. An Arming Ranger is punished for 10 years in jail for exceeding  his  duty limits and then saving a woman from his drunken husband.A big box office hit.

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