Level 2 Answers


Below is the list of 21 answers in the first level of the game. Most of them are easy to recognise and we are sure you would have nailed it. Still if you got a different image to below and looking for some help, here is the text list of answers with some interesting facts.

Car logos quiz solutions Level 1-1

Car logos quiz solutions Level 1-2

Car logo quiz level one

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1. Audi – German automobile manufacturer with worldwide operations. The logo with four rings represent the merger of four companies DKW, Horch, Wanderer and Audi.
2. Ford
3. Ferrari
4. Kenworth
5. Peugeot
6. Honda
7. Hyundai
8. BMW
9. Maybach
10. DAF
11. British Leyland
12. Dacia
13. Ducati
14. Artega
15. Bricklin
16. Mercury
17. Buick
18. Datsun
19. Renault Samsung
20. Agrale
21. BRP

Level 2 Answers

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