10 Most Expensive Logos of All Time

10 Most Expensive Logos of All Time

A great business cannot withstand without a great logo. Logo is the face of the company and its human psychology to recollect graphical form more easily than just words. In short, it is the logo that creates a brand value for a company. Within the target market, a logo is the most feasible manifestation of the brand. A logo can literally make or mar business and therefore many companies take their logo very seriously. As it is the focal point where customers’ cognizance identify the company; the logo holds extreme importance to a reputed company. For this reason, many top companies are shelling out huge bucks to get the best logo for their brand marketing.

Here we have a list of 10 Most expensive logos of all time:

1. Symantec Logo
Cost: $1,280,000,000
expensive logo symantec
The technology giant Symantec has the habit of changing their brand logos every new decade. Since its inception in 1982, the company has changed 4 logos as of today. The rebranding takes place in the first year of every decade i.e. 1990, 2000, and 2010.
The very recent rebranding after deal with Verisign Corporation, Symantec customized its logo incorporating ingredients of the tick mark of Verisign. The Verisign logo is a pixelated check mark inside a circle. And Symantec shelled out billions of dollars for its rebranding, drawing a lot of flak from the critics for “useless spending on just rebranding.” Today, the current Symantec logo is the most expensive logo of all time by a far margin.

2. British Petroleum (BP) Logo
Cost: $211,000,000
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The London-based oil & gas company, British Petroleum (rebranded as ‘bp’ in small letters) shed away its classic shield logo to adopt for a much “greener” logo. The old logo was used till’ 2000, which made way for the present ‘Helios’ logo. The green and red sunflower logo depicts constant flow of energy, according to the statement of company. It also was unveiled with the slogan ‘Beyond Petroleum’ as it focused more on the environmental factors too.

3. Accenture Logo
Cost: $100,000,000
accenture logo [quiz answers article]
Accenture is a reputed IT company known for its outsourcing services. The company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. The current logo was rebranded from Anderson Consulting, when Anderson Consulting split with Anderson Accounting Group. The current name ‘Accenture’ is a portmanteau of ‘accent of the future.’ The word ‘Accenture’ itself was discovered with a lot of rigorous search after rejections of more than fifty options. The logo is written in pure black and white in small caps font with a greater than sign ‘>’ placed just above the letter ‘t’. This professional looking logo is one of the most expensive logos in the world.

4. Posten Norge Logo
Cost: $55,000,000
logos quiz answers articles posten expensive logo
This is the Norwegian postal service logo. ‘Posten’ literally means post in Nordic languages. The state-owned corporation has a monopoly of delivering letters less than 50g across Norway. It is headquartered in the capital Oslo. The rebranding campaign occurred in year 2008 when all the logos across the country were changed to the current logo. It was one of the few successful rebranding campaigns that had high expenditure cost.

5. Australia & New Zealand banking Group (ANZ) logo
Cost: $15,000,000
anz logo text
The joint venture company ANZ Corporation took two years for their rebranding campaign. The said campaign started in 2010 and ended in 2012, costing the company around $15 million. The figure is not just for the logo, but for the entire marketing drive. The ANZ is the biggest bank in New Zealand and 3rd biggest in Australia. Many sycophants have no problem with this type of massive spending on logo and rebranding. The strap line of the brand is “We live in your world.”

6. British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) logo
Cost: $1,800,000
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The British Broadcasting Corporation, one of the largest media groups in the world, spent more than a million dollars for its present logo rebranding. The logo uses clear letters ‘B B C’ in square boxes that have been the universally popular identity of the London-based network. The record of longest on-screen used logo is again held by BBC that was used from 1971 till 1988. If the current BBC logo continues until the end of next year, it will break its previous record.

7. Pepsi Logo
Cost: $1 million
brand pepsi expensive logo
The current logo of Pepsi has little alteration from its previous logo. Although keeping its basic colors red, white and blue intact; the existing logo changed the symmetry of color distribution. The parallel curves of the old logo gave way for new geometrical curves. There was a rumor that Pepsi Inc. tried to match the timeless aura of Coca-Cola’s logo that has carved a niche for itself. Many believe that the new Pepsi logo was just an attempt to showcase the flagship war among Cola brands. Nonetheless, it has cost Pepsi $1 million.

8. London 2012 Olympics logo
Cost: $625, 000
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The logo for London Olympics was designed by Wolf Olins. When the logo was unveiled in 2007, it was widely criticized by citizens including the mayor, for its pathetic design and ‘non-reflection of any of London’s cultural monuments’. Amidst all this controversies, the ‘bad’ logo was worth $625,000. “My 5 year old kid draws better than this” was an anonymous comment for the costliest Olympic logo ever.

9. City Of Melbourne Logo
Cost: $625,000
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The city of Melbourne logo was designed by Lander Associated in 2009, to create a brand image for Melbourne as the corporate city of Australia. The stylized “M” with more shades of the blue and green, the Melbourne logo was termed as “far from worst” by Sydney Morning Herald. The cutting edges in the logo were to give cutting edge promotion in Melbourne.

10. Belfast City Logo
Cost: $280,000
belfast logo expensive logos top 10
The B-shaped heart logo was designed in 2008 to market Northern Ireland’s capital city to international tourists and stakeholders. The logo served as the symbol of Belfast’s welcoming of new guests with open arms and promoting it as a vibrant and dynamic city. The tagline of the logo was “Be welcome”, “Be part of it” and “Be vibrant”. The logo’s shape was constant but it was offered in six different colors: lime, aqua, blue, maroon, grey, and fuchsia.

Although the above mentioned logos worth millions of dollars, there have been some logos of brands that have practically negligible costs. The logos of Google, Microsoft, and Apple Inc. were creations of their in-house team which didn’t cost company anything. Other famous brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, etc. have spent mere $35 for their logos. Thus, it does not matter how much is spent after creating a well-designed logo, it is the creative design and company connect that really matters. Out of the above, which logo do you think was really worth the money spent?

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