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LogosQuiz is a fun game to play and very popular with millions of downloads. Maketing and logos have become a part of our life and we come across many on televion, internet and radio. This game will give a chance to test how much you know your brains, how much you are actually conscious about the logos and how many you can recall. This game looks so simple but it very addictive.

logo quiz answers

About the game

The quiz game consists of 1000+ logos with multiple levels. There is a different variation of logos displayed on each level with some photoshopped and some with missing letters. The first level of the game starts with most recognisable logos which you can point out easily and guessing the logo quiz answers become more difficult as you progress through each level. As you might already be playing and aware, the faster you type the logo with the more number of points and you have to unlock the levels as you score hints and points. If there is a spelling mistake in the logo quiz answer you type, you loose points. There is a maximum of 100 points which can be scored for a correct answer if you are striking fast or identify the logo quiz solution quickly.

Logo quiz answers

You may identify some logos quite quickly but some can be so difficult to guess. This is where cheats and solutions on our site proves handy. If you want to save hints and money while playing the game, relax your aching brain to identify that logo which appears familiar to you but unable to spell correctly or simpley get some knowledge about the different brands , we provide a quick walkthrough and reference of answers free for the logo quiz.

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